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How can I help you?

All of us have difficult periods in our lives. These can arise from major life events such as bereavement, relationship difficulties, loss of employment, illness. Sometimes it can be a general feeling of being on the wrong path through life. Often, friends or relatives can be a great help in such circumstances. But sometimes it can be helpful to talk with a therapist or counsellor who can bring a fresh perspective to whatever you are going through. I see my role as being there solely to support YOU in whatever direction you are hoping to take. I don't have a fixed agenda, and, unlike people close to you, I won't tell you what I think would be 'good for you'. I see it as more of a collaboration between the two of us to find what works in your individual circumstances.

I am an experienced counsellor and qualified Embodied-Relational Therapy (Selfheal) practitioner based in Sheffield. I have worked as a therapist and counsellor in private practice for 17 years, working with individuals and couples. My belief is that I can act as a catalyst to help people to find their own creative solutions and move on with their lives. I work with individuals, couples and groups. I am also a coordinator for a national telephone helpline, and have been involved in training counselling students in a number of settings, both academic and practical.

I offer supervision to counsellors and others who employ counselling and relational skills in their practice. I also offer supervision to students in training.

In addition to offering counselling & psychotherapy sessions, I also teach meditation at individual sessions and in workshops.

To book a session or to discuss how I might help you, please call me on 07949 137947 or 0114 2336649, or email me at tyagi@therapist.net. I offer a free initial meeting so that we can see how we get along, to see what you are looking for, to talk about what I can offer and explore how we can work together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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